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Holistic medicine is the art and science of healing that addresses the whole person – mind, body, and soul. Include energy, massage, and facials to your healing regime for a true holistic approach to health.


A Unique Approach

Each body holds the key to its own healing. With a safe, compassionate environment, and holistic views, you can discover what will help you lead a healthier and more balanced life. Shift your physical and energy bodies into a more tranquil state. With organic gluten free products, your facials will bring a new look to your skin, the largest organ of the body.  The unique modalities used with the energy work, massages, and reiki can trigger relaxation that carries through to your day-to-day. With balance, comes focus. We are here to help you with all aspects of your healing.
Please click on the Services tab to peruse our menu. To book an appointment please call or text (734) 934-7271.


During your time at the spa, you will be welcomed into our sunny, plant filled, waiting room where your practitioner will meet you.  Feel free to shop our many products that will add to your daily healthy routine. If you are seeing Christine for your Initial Energy Session, please wear comfortable clothing and bring a list of any medications or supplements you are currently taking. She will provide you with resources to the many researched doctors in the area that can help with any changes. Massage with Dawn or Christine, is done traditionally, with a respectful amount of coverage for comfort, plus warm blankets and a comfortable table. You will be in a serene room with relaxing music.  For your facial, Zelle Anne will provide you with a wrap to wear during your tranquil appointment with a heated table and warm blankets.  Your reiki  or rahanni session with Elisabeth or Jennifer, will be done fully clothed in a relaxing private room with healing dimmed lights and quiet music.  We value your independent needs and want you to feel at home in our space designed for healing.

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Make Your Appointment Today

Emotional and Physical Bodies are always holding hands, to heal we must heal both. Before the bodywork begins, we reserve time to address energetically any questions or changes to food, supplements, and relationships that you may have. We are not doctors, you should always consult your doctor before changing any medications. This is a supportive healing, we are not intending to treat in any way, only support your body to heal.  If you do not have a good holistic doctor, we can provide you with many resources to find the right team for you.

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Christine Bridges
By Appointment Only

445 S Harvey Street #22
Plymouth, MI 48170

(734) 934-7271

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